MAB Sale Requirements

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and changes in our education/show/sale this year the Point Requirements have been waived. The following information is for your reference ONLY.

2020 Rules & Regulations2020 Sale Requirement Tracker

10 options, 5 required to sell
(1 point MUST be educational)

Point Options (all worth 1 point each) :

  • Pen Take Down August 4, 2019 (sign-in)
  • Attend Carcass Judging August 2019 9:00am (sign-in)
  • Attend Carcass Judging Results August 2019 Evening (sign-in)
  • Attend October Annual Meeting October 9, 2019 7:30pm (sign-in)
  • Attend 2 Meat Animal Board Meetings – 2nd Weds of Month 7:30pm (sign-in)
  • Complete Youth for the Quality Care of Animals (YQCA) Certification (online)
    In-person classes available – log in to website (above) for classes offered in WI
    MAB needs copy of your certificate for proof of completion by August 2, 2020
  • Participate at a Livestock show or attend an Educational Clinic
    Checkout our Facebook page for posts about upcoming opportunities
    NOTE: If Livestock show or educational clinic is not held in Winnebago County then youth must make a short presentation at an MAB meeting –completed by July meeting
  • 2 Buyer Letters signed by potential buyers and handed in on final Weigh-In Aug 2, 2020
    Use these Tutorials from the “Thriving on Ordinary” Blog to help you write AWESOME letters!
    Tutorial: How to Write a Better Letter to Invite Buyers to Your Auction
    Tutorial: Writing the Thank You Letter Your Buyer Deserves
    (Note: These tutorials are written by a 4-H parent in another state…WCMAB Sale/Program details might be different)
  • Pen & Stall Set Up August 2, 2020 (sign-in)
  • Mandatory Exhibitor Meeting August 2, 2020 (sign-in)

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